Premier PT is a direct access practice which does not require any doctors prescription to be seen.

Since 2003, under the Public Laws of New Jersey, in most cases a referral will not be required to start your Physical Therapy care. Now you can have your injuries evaluated and treated immediately by a NJ licensed Physical Therapist

You may come directly to your Physical Therapist and receive an Evaluation and Treatment for any Musculo-Skeletal injury. Under Direct Access, we have the authorization to treat you for up to 10 visits within 30 days. Upon completion of your Physical Therapy Evaluation, we will determine your Treatment Plan. If further diagnostic tools (e.g., x-ray, MRI, etc.) are needed to ensure proper care, Premier PT will communicate our findings with the physician of your choice. If treatment is required past 10 visits or 30 days, Premier PT will communicate our care to your physician.

Commercial Insurances and Medicare are Welcome

We accept insurances as an "out-of-network" provider. This means you can see us for physical therapy purposes. But, unlike an in-network provider, we collect payment in full at the time of service and help you get reimbursed.

Our policy is to charge you at each visit, as per the billing rates listed below. Even though we do not participate in your insurance network, we are fully credentialed by insurance companies to submit claims and help you get reimbursed for our services.

Prior to your first visit, our billing specialists will contact your insurance company to verify coverage. They will then explain your benefits to you before scheduling your first visit.

After each session, our billing specialists will submit all insurance claims for you at no additional charge. Typically, if you have coverage, you should expect to get reimbursed directly from your insurance company within 4 weeks. How much you get reimbursed will depend on your specific insurance plan.